2 New Schools in Howard County Maryland

Two new sites for schools in the region of Ducketts Lane and Oxford Square, Maryland have been proposed in order to relieve traffic in the area of Howard County.

The construction of the schools is also intended for other brand new homes to be built as well. A particular growth control law prevented the construction of homes because the surrounding schools were up to its capacity level.

By creating two brand new schools, students can transfer and move to the brand new schools within the area which will also allow the construction of brand new houses. Ultimately, the council will approve the proper allocation and construction of the houses and the capacity numbers for each of the schools.

The charts for the capacity of the schools have currently been delayed until the construction of the brand new schools has been completed. There is also a large list of home builders on a waiting list as they are hoping to construct new homes as soon as the growth control law gets lifted.

The total amounts of projects that are currently on hold are 27 in the Elkridge area which is a region next to Ducketts Lane and Oxford Square. Currently, the crowding test is preventing builders and contractors from constructing brand new homes around the surrounding area and it is causing unrest for the economy around the region as well.

Michael Harrison who is the Director of Government Affairs points out the growth of all of the students should be gauged by the houses that are currently constructed.

The board currently wants the blueprint for the new middle schools to be ready by the month of March in order to receive the proper funding so that construction can begin in 2013. The openings of the brand new middle schools are scheduled to be around the month of August in 2014.

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