9to5 Seating Relocating Manufacturing Facility to Union City, TN

Hawthorne, California-based 9to5 Seating announced the relocation of its manufacturing facilities to Union City, Tennessee.

9to5 Seating

9to5 Seating (photo – 9to5seating.com)

9to5 Seating, a vertically integrated manufacturer which currently makes its line of ergonomic office seating in China, is bringing back production to the U.S.

The company will invest $39.5 million on the project, which is expected to create 510 new jobs in Obion County over the next five years.

The new facility will be housed in the Union City IDB spec building in the Northwest Regional Industrial Center, making it easy for the company to get started quickly.

Production is scheduled to start early next year, at which time 9to5 Seating also plans to launch a new product line under a brand to be known as “Made in America (MIA) Seating.”

9to5 Seating CEO Darius Mir said they were determined not only to bring manufacturing back to the U.S., but also reverse the trend of the last three decades by exporting quality products made in the USA competitively to Asia and the rest of the world.

Mir said they chose Union City because of its talented workforce, proximity to their major markets, and the generous assistance provided the company by Union City, Obion County and the State of Tennessee.added

Union City Mayor Terry Hailey said they had been working on this project since the spring, and 9to5 Seating was a good company offering good jobs that the community will embrace. He said this announcement has come at a time when there is a critical need of new jobs in Obion County and Union City.

Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire said that with the season of Thanksgiving approaching fast, they were counting their blessings once again. Lindsay Frilling, economic development director of the Obion County Joint Economic Development Council, likewise said it was a blessed day for Obion County and Union City.

Tennessee Economic and Community Development (TNECD) Commissioner Bill Hagerty said he appreciates 9to5 Seating’s investment in Union City and the company’s continued focus on reshoring manufacturing jobs back to the state.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said projects like these highlight all the great things that are happening in the state and reinforce their goal of making Tennessee the number one location for quality jobs in the Southeast.

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