Gov. Butch Launches Accelerate Idaho Economic Development Initiative

Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter announced the launch of an economic development initiative called “Accelerate Idaho.”

Accelerate Idaho

Accelerate Idaho

Accelerate Idaho calls for a three-point strategy and includes several new tools to help support Idaho economic development projects and efforts.

The three-point strategy will focus on advancing individuals, elevating industries and strengthening communities. That’s the tag line of the initiative – “Advance. Elevate. Strengthen.”

This includes things such as enhancing engineering talent pipelines and expanding quality jobs; empowering business opportunities and invigorating research and innovation; and galvanizing regional collaboration and developing infrastructure solutions.

The set of tools being offered under Accelerate Idaho includes the Governor’s Rapid Response Team as a one-stop shop representing nine Idaho State agencies that are directly involved in business expansion and relocation projects. The Rapid Response Team will remove red tape, accelerate customer service and “move at the speed of business.”

Another tool in the Accelerate Idaho toolbox is called bluebird. This is a site selection application designed to assist site selectors, realtors and economic development professionals. Bluebird provides a web platform that streamlines information from a library of economic development materials (incentives, grant programs, business cost comparisons, etc.) that will aid in making site selection decisions.

Accelerate Idaho is being launched as a next step to follow up on the success of the Project 60 initiative that was established in 2009, in the midst of the Great Recession, to help grow Idaho’s GDP from $51.5 billion a year to at least $60 billion. This target was reached in 2013, and the state’s GDP is forecasted to hit $62 billion this year.

Gov. Otter said that almost five years ago, they established a benchmark for growing the state’s economy and creating jobs, and he was thrilled that they have achieved that goal despite having to weather some of the toughest economic times in memory.

The Governor added that people across the nation are looking at Idaho as a state focused on meeting the needs of business, and Accelerate Idaho is a strategy for ensuring that Idaho continues to be the right place for employers looking to expand or relocate.

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