Study Shows Americans More Aware about Environmental Footprint

A study conducted by GFK Roper Consulting has shown that many Americans are into living lives that are environmentally friendly.

The survey done in 2011 revealed that a myriad of Americans have attained knowledge about the environmental impacts and how to live in a sustainable manner. The green studies also revealed that nearly 7 out of 10 people were aware about the environmental footprint and are aware about the good and bad involving the environment.

Many government agencies and educational institutions are making sure that the community is constantly aware of various environmental issues and the public is listening. The knowledge has been absorbed by the community as people are changing various behaviors and are living in a much more sustainable manner.

The institutes and agencies are point out that Americans can make an impact on the environment by taking small steps and changes. An example of a small step can be seen in the city of San Francisco as people are encouraged to take unused clothing and to reuse or recycle them. Clothing boxes are placed within the cities of the surrounding area so that individuals can efficiently recycle the clothes.

Many individuals and families will be more than happy to assist and help out as more environmental options are proposed. The survey conducted by GFK also pointed out that Americans are nearly twice as willing to recycle while 1/3 of the participants were willing to purchase products made from material that is recycled. Also, nearly 1/5 of the people are willing to cut back on using automobiles and switch to public transportation.

The survey also revealed that ¾ of the participants agreed that businesses should stick to policies and practices that are environmentally friendly. More businesses and manufacturers are actually being encouraged to practice sustainability by the government and various institutions.

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