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Cullman, Alabama Rated as Top Sites for Economic Growth

The city of Cullman in the state of Alabama has been named as one of the top sites for economic growth in the United States.

Many retail and industrial projects have been rising up in the region and more are going to be announced. The community of Cullman is rated as number 3 on the site selections “Top U.S. Micropolitan’s for New and Expanded Facilities”.

The other regions that were on the site selection list include Wooster, Ohio & Mooresville, North Carolina. There were also nearly 576 communities that were nominated for the top sites for economic growth.

An Agency Director for Economic Development in Cullman announced that the staff was excited about being placed as number 3 and that they look forward to attaining the number one spot for the next year.

The region of Cullman also received other top rankings for being the number one area that recovered efficiently from the recent tornado disaster. Cullman is also ranked as number 6 for being an area that is ideal for manufacturing businesses. Cullman was ultimately on two categories this year which is a hallmark for the community. In the year 2011, Cullman had nearly $159 million dollars invested in the local industry which created nearly 700 brand new jobs.

The Agency Director of the EDC was proud of each industry leader and pointed out that Cullman needed the good news because of the storm that devastated the region. The Mayor of Cullman whose name is Max Townson elaborates on how he hopes that the area can continue its rise by becoming an ideal destination for many families and businesses. The Mayor finally states that he wants the region of Cullman to be the number one destination for industry, recreation and retail.

Overall, the announcement of Cullman as a top region of economic growth is positive news for the community.

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Clean Diesel Technology is Hallmark of Sustainable Development in California

Clean diesel technology has become a hallmark for sustainable development in the state of California.

The advances in the diesel technology were ultimately due to the strict regulations and emission standards which were established by the ARB (Air Resources Board). A Press Conference was also held with the officials of the ARB in which policies were discussed about transforming the diesel technology.

The Chair of the ARB named Mary Nichols elaborates on how the diesel engines have nearly 90 percent less pollutants that are emitted. Future challenges and the progress of diesel technology were also talked about. Mary Nichols also stated that the creativity of the diesel industry has led to the efficient reduction of Nitrogen Oxide and other types of particulates.

The next goal for making advancement’s in the diesel industry will involve replacing the old vehicles that are currently on the road. The overall air quality has seen drastic improvements especially around the local ports in the state of California. One of the Executives of the ARB James Goldstene states that California has strived towards clean gas emissions. Goldstene finally elaborates on how health risks in regards to diesel exhaust will be reduced by nearly 85 percent by the year 2020.

The economy in the state of California ultimately relies on the diesel technology as $13 billion dollars is generated every year. Fuel and diesel technology add nearly $483 billion dollars in total value and creates nearly 1.25 million jobs on a nationwide basis. Also, nearly $46 billion dollars is accounted for in the export industry. The ARB announced that particular matter had decreased by nearly 74 percent in diesel trucks. Oxides that are located in Nitrogen are also projected to drop by 21 percent in trucks that are heavy duty and 52 percent in construction equipment.

Overall, the clean diesel technology is important to the sustainable development community in California.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, Illinois Introduces Economic Development Initiative

The Mayor of Chicago, Illinois Rahm Emanuel recently announced a blueprint which will ultimately revitalize the region.

Specific initiatives have not been formulated yet but the plan on how to achieve the goals were prepared. A non-profit agency called World Business Chicago came up with the name for the development program as it is called “Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs”. The main goal of the economic development plan will be to boost the sluggish and stagnant economy in the region of Chicago. The Vice Chairman of World Business in Chicago elaborates on how the investments will be utilized to spur growth and create new initiatives that would benefit the community of Chicago.

The economic development proposal is 60 pages long and it will ultimately challenge the status quo that has been adopted in the region of Chicago. Collaboration and coordination on part of the agencies are going to become pivotal in developing the region efficiently. The programs for job training also have become inefficient as they do not align with the needs of the employers. Brand new models also need to be adopted for projects in the sector of transportation and infrastructure.

The Mayor pinpoints the main needs for the city of Chicago:

  1. Goals that are attainable and clear
  2. Framework in which the initiatives can be analyzed properly
  3. Strategies for creating brand new jobs and economic growth

There are also ultimately 10 goals for implementing the economic development plan:

  1. Increasing growth in the manufacturing industry
  2. Attracting businesses to the region of Chicago
  3. Increase the competitiveness in regards to transportation
  4. Making Chicago an ideal location for travelers
  5. Increasing the amount of exports
  6. Providing job training that is demand driven
  7. Encouraging entrepreneurship
  8. Investing in Infrastructure
  9. Development of neighborhoods
  10. Encouraging businesses to thrive

Overall, the proposed economic development plan will boost the entire community of Chicago.

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Partnership Between Ecology Coatings & Whitlam To Create Sustainable Labels

The company known as Ecology Coatings is partnering up with the company called Whitlam Label to create a sustainable label program.

The Whitlam Company also has many brands such as General Motors, Garden Fresh Gourmet and Chrysler.

The ultimate goal of the created program will be to create a labels solution that is sustainable, innovative and replaces the laminate films which are currently utilized as the labels.

The COO of Whitlam whose name is Alex Elezaj elaborates on how the company attracts top brands because of the innovative applications that are developed.

The partnership with Ecology Coating will allow Whitlam to replace a plastic laminate and transition to sustainable label substrates. High performing and sustainable labels are now needed in order to brand products efficiently. The EcoQuik Coating which is developed by Ecology Coatings has a performance advantage over the competition in the following manner:

  1. The formulation of the coating maintains the integrity in any type of environment
  2. Protection from the thermal shocks

The CEO of Ecology Coating points out that plastic laminates are commonly utilized in the packing market and the new coatings will serve as substitutes for the new sustainable substrates that will be affordable and high performing. The sustainable coatings will cure extremely fast and will be durable as they provide a particular barrier to grease, water and air.

The applications for the new sustainable labeling will benefit a vast amount of Ecology Coating products. The Whitlam Label Company is currently a private enterprise and they provide engineered and performance products to the markets of consumers and various other industries. The Ecology Coating Company develops curable coatings which improve the durability of various products. The Ecology Coating platform allows for the enhancement of products while also reducing the cost of energy as well.

Overall, the partnership between both companies is going to lead to a sustainable product.

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County of Cerro Gordo, Iowa Plan An Economic Development Initiative!/cgcounty

The County of Cerro Gordo in the state of Iowa is planning to create an economic development initiative which will ultimately create jobs in the region.

The local leaders in the area are working hard to come up with a plan that will positively affect the community. The county is currently classified as an “urban renewal district” and the main goals for those types of regions is the creation of jobs. The board of supervisors is going to work efficiently to develop a strategy which will serve as an economic boost. The board had recently met and determined the region near Mason City and Highway 122 as prime real estate that can be developed.

The leaders of the County are hoping that the land will become a “hub” for economic development. One of the supervisors named Bob Amosson pinpoints the advantages of the economic development initiative as more jobs are created and more businesses move to the County. The land that is located near Highway 122 has more than 400 acres and the urban renewal district concept arose as the Red Power business wanted to expand. The Administrative Officer of the County elaborates on how the Red Power Company wanted a certain form of assistance for creating new jobs in the County.

The uprising and creation of an ‚Äúurban renewal district‚Äù becomes essential to the County in order to provide financing for tax increments. The regions of Clear Lake and Mason City also had to approve the decision of the Red Power expansion as they are in close proximity to the business. The County Administrator wants to make sure that tax abatement’s are offered for the creation of new jobs in the region. The cost of the project is also low so it will not have a negative impact if it does not work.

Overall, spurring development in the County of Cerro Gordo will positively affect the local residents.

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Economic Development Accelerators To Be Implemented In Alabama

The economic development plan for the state of Alabama is expected to begin releasing its “accelerators” to stimulate the economy.

The very first action for the development plan would lead towards the collaboration of AIDT, Mercedes Benz and the University of Alabama. The Economic Development Alliance for the state of Alabama wants to make sure that the document can now be properly implemented to positively affect the state.

The accelerator economic development plan is a 76 page document with nearly 33 pages filled with accelerators or actions which will positively affect the state of Alabama.

Some of the accelerators that are listed in the economic development plan include:

  1. Recruiting a work force that is trained so that they can meet the needs of a particular company
  2. The construction of infrastructure so that new industries may arise
  3. Providing financing and incentives to a variety of businesses for establishing themselves in the state
  4. Lead Generation and Global Recruitment will also be focused upon
  5. The implementation of the Workforce Training System which will bring together the work force service with the community colleges in Alabama.
  6. Programs will be marketed for businesses that will be starting up
  7. The support of Military assets and contractors that are in the state of Alabama

There will also be renewal efforts as the state will ultimately focus on commercialization and innovation. Existing industries will also be supported by the economic development plan. Entrepreneurs will also be supported by the state as the new innovations are needed for the business advancement of any state. Each of the particular tasks in the development plan will be managed by a support agency. Transparency and accountability will ultimately be important according to the Governor Bentley as the economic development plan is applied.

Overall, the state of Alabama is going to benefit immensely from the implementation of the Accelerator Plan.

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Economic Gardening Concept Applied in Muskegon, Michigan

The Governor of Michigan named Rick Snyder has introduced a new term in the development arena which is “economic gardening”.

The meaning of “economic gardening” is to ultimately develop jobs through businesses that are already established in a region. Basically, employment is created by a myriad of businesses in a local community in the state.

Governor Snyder prefers applying the concept of economic gardening instead of handing out huge incentive packages to companies that will be relocating to the state of Michigan. One of the most prominent examples of economic gardening is the expansion of ADAC Automotive in the region of Muskegon.

The officials of the ADAC Company got together with contractors and had a groundbreaking ceremony which will ultimately establish a painting system for the business. The expansion by ADAC Automotive will also create approximately 130 brand new jobs for the residents in Muskegon, Michigan. The brand new facility will be 70,000 square feet as well. Economic gardening should be implemented in the local business sector according to the President of a local development agency in Muskegon. The President believes that economic gardening projects will boost the entire economy in the state of Michigan if it is adopted properly.

The painting line facility had an initial investment of approximately $20 million dollars for equipment and the building itself. The ADAC Company also creates a variety of plastic parts which are utilized by a variety of car manufacturers. ADAC Automotive also has nearly 700 of its 1,100 employees in the region of Michigan located in the Port City of Muskegon. The addition of the 130 jobs will also make ADAC Automotive the second biggest industrial employer in the region. The Mayor of Muskegon elaborates how the investment is going to be extremely beneficial to the entire community.

Overall, the economic gardening concept should be applied throughout the entire United States.

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Location Sites in Florida Have Been Established for the Burger 21 Franchise

A local burger joint called Burger 21 has sold the franchise so that three units can be established in the market of Orlando, Florida.

Even though there is a current franchise growth for Burger 21, the corporate restaurants are being developed in the region of Tampa Bay in the state of Florida. The possible site selections for the establishment of the franchises include Winter Garden, Dr. Phillips and Lake Buena Vista. The very first deal for the franchise was established during the month of February 21st. Due to the first deal, a brand new burger will be created and a signature shake will be introduced for the particular month.

The CCO and President of Burger 21 named Mark Johnston elaborates on how the restaurant concepts have surpassed expectations and is optimistic about expanding in the region of Tampa Bay, Florida. The President wants to make sure that the local community will be offered gourmet types of food for prices that are affordable. Innovative recipes, a gourmet experience and ingredients that are premium are the main goals of Burger 21. Both of the new franchises are expected to be constructed by the summer time of 2012 and will be located in Lake Land and New Tampa.

The New Tampa location will have approximately 113 customer seats with an interior space of approximately 2,600 square feet. The New Tampa establishment will be located in close proximity to Trout Creek Drive and Bruce Downs Boulevard. The other location in Lake Land will be the fourth corporate location as it is developed in the Village of Lakeside. The Lake Land Burger 21 location will be in close proximity to Polk Parkway and Harden Boulevard. The Lake Land location will also have approximately 125 seats for customers and will have interior space of 2,500 square feet.

Overall, the site selection for Burger 21 is going to satisfy a myriad of customers in Tampa Bay.

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Difficulty of Economic Development in Colusa, California

Economic development in the region of Colusa, California has been a difficult task to many of the local leaders.

The leadership is lacking so much in the region that they cannot even get a swimming pool to be compliant with the ADA (American Disabilities Act). The Council for Colusa states that if a particular consultant can be paid nearly $8,000 a month than getting a simple pool to be compliant should be an easy task. The majority of people blame the stagnant nature on the City Manager named Jan McClintock as economic development has not been a priority. The CEO of Industrial Properties states that the mindset of the leaders should be to do everything they can to move the city forward instead of adopting a “what have you done for me yesterday attitude”.

CEO Ed Hulbert elaborates on how many counties are struggling with locating financial resources to ultimately fund the economic development projects. Ed Hulbert wants to fix the lack in financial resources and wants the city to take risks to properly advance the region of Colusa. Ultimately, the city of Colusa wants to increase the number of quality jobs and that will ultimately involve focusing on economic development projects.

The City Manager wants to now focus on economic development and wants the local citizens to be excited about the possible advancements. The Mayor of the city elaborates on how nearly 51 percent of the local population is classified as low income. Economic development projects are thus difficult to fund because many businesses do not want to migrate to the region because of the low purchasing power. The city is also relying on a local mushroom plant to add nearly 50 more upcoming jobs to the region of Colusa.

Overall, the local council and the city manager need to be much more aggressive in adopting economic development projects in Colusa, California.

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Montana Community Development Corporation Receives $60 Million Dollars

The state of Montana and the Community Development Corporation has received approximately $60 million dollars by the U.S Treasury.

The funds are intended for economic development projects that will be implemented in the state. The Community Development Corporation has received funds from the Treasury starting in the year 2008 and the total amount acquired is approximately $156 million dollars.

The majority of the money will ultimately be utilized for a “New Market’s Tax Credit Program” which will assist a variety of businesses that will be expanding and starting up. The President of the CDC Dave Glaser elaborates on how the past funds have created nearly 1,250 jobs and had an economic impact in the ballpark of approximately $1.1 billion dollars.

Dave Glaser is also looking forward to having a much further positive impact on the state of Montana by utilizing the $60 million dollars. One of the main projects that will be funded is located in the region of Billings and is estimated to positively affect the city block. The details of the Billings project are not released but they are expected to be released towards the end of 2012. The project is also going to be implemented in the low income region of downtown Billings.

The intention of the tax credits is to locate low income regions and assist local businesses who do not have access to funding and various loans. The U.S Treasury actually awarded nearly $3.6 billion to nearly 70 particular organizations that will be adopting economic development projects.

So far, the Montana tax credits have resulted in:

  1. Construction of an apartment in the region of Butte
  2. Construction of a health club in Helena
  3. Construction of a manufacturing facility in the area of Libby
  4. Moving a local theater to a grocery store

Overall, the economic development funds are going to be extremely beneficial to the state of Montana.

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