Brand New Nordstrom Rack in San Diego

The Nordstrom clothing and retail Company has announced the location of a brand new Nordstrom Rack which will be located at the Carmel Plaza in the city of San Diego, California.

The brand new Nordstrom Rack will have a brand new building which is around 39,000 square feet. The construction of the Nordstrom Rack is planned to be completed around the fall season of 2012. The Nordstrom Rack sector of the company sells its trendy merchandise at prices that are cut nearly 50 to 60 percent off from the retail price.

Various types of apparel, shoes and other types of accessories are sold at the Nordstrom Rack. The Nordstrom Rack sector of the company allows affordable clothing and accessories for all of its customers who are looking for bargains.

The Carmel Plaza which is the location of the brand new Nordstrom Rack is near the Carmel Ranch which is a community in San Diego that is near the I-15 and Carmel Road. The brand new Nordstrom Rack building will also be located in close proximity to other businesses such as Marshalls, Michaels, Sprouts and Barnes & Noble.

Various types of restaurants are also located in the Carmel Plaza and a movie theater as well. The location of the Nordstrom Rack is ideal as many consumers shop around the region.

There are also 3 other Nordstrom Racks in the San Diego area and 4 other regular Nordstrom shopping centers within the area as well. The president of Nordstrom Rack Geevy Thomas hopes that the brand now Nordstrom Rack will help to serve the various customers that are located within the region. The brand new Nordstrom Rack should be able to achieve great success because high quality products are offered at discounted prices to all its consumers.

Overall, the placement of a Nordstrom Rack in the San Diego region should be beneficial to all types of consumers.

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