Brand New University in New York Region

Seven Universities proposed offers to build a college which will be located in the city of New York.

The establishment of a respected University is said to provide a boom in an economic sense. A technical center is being proposed as well as establishing the university on the Island of Manhattan Roosevelt. The two Universities that proposed the site of Manhattan Roosevelt Island were Cornell University and Stanford University.

Both of the Universities pointed out that the construction of the Universities in the Island will help out the individuals who are located in the city of Queens. The Universities see a lot of opportunities to develop within the surrounding area of Queens.

There were also other various sites which were proposed by the governor Michael Bloomberg and the economic development team of Applied Sciences. Other sites that were chosen in the city of New York were the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, Staten Island and the region of Willets Point. The University of Cornell is also partnering with the Institute of Technology in Israel.

The proposed partnership of Cornell and the Israeli Institute of Technology will spend nearly 1 billion dollars to construct the facility on the Roosevelt Island. The University of Cornell plans to offer degrees in Masters and P.H.D’s for its technology campus.

The president of Cornell University David Skorton sees great benefits of constructing a technology campus as it will help train the future technology leaders in a state that is seeing a technology boom.

The University of Stanford is also planning to construct a campus that will focus on graduate studies just like Cornell would. Stanford plans to have its engineering school, business school and technology school located on the campus. The cost for the Stanford institution will cost nearly $2.5 billion dollars and the campus will be nearly 2 million square feet.

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