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New Platt College Location in Riverside, California

Platt College has just recently announced the brand new opening of a third location in the region of Riverside, California.

Platt College also has locations in Ontario and Los Angeles and now has one in the heartland of the Inland Empire. The brand new Platt College is located near the 215 and 60 freeway which is located near Canyon Boulevard. The brand new Platt College will also offer a variety of bachelors and associate degrees for fields that are highly demanded. Some of the career fields that are offered to students include ultrasound, medical assistance, criminal justice, graphic design and web design.

The brand new 23,000 square foot Platt College building utilized class A space and has a variety of computers, classrooms, libraries and lounges. Parking is also free for any of the Platt College students while a variety of restaurants and centers for shopping are located in close proximity.

The campus president of Platt College Manuel Barrios points out that he is extremely enthusiastic and proud to be extending the education services to the surrounding regions of Riverside. Manuel also sees the opportunity to provide the surrounding business regions with highly educated and trained students in the fields of criminal justice, graphic design and healthcare.

Manuel finally points out that the struggling economy needs to have much more trained employees and that he looks forward with assisting the growth of brand new jobs.

Currently, Platt College is looking for brand new students to enroll in the variety of programs that they offer. Interested students can easily contact Platt College by visiting the brand new location, visiting the website or calling the administrative building. There are also a variety of financial aid programs that students can apply for.

The establishment of a brand new Platt College will ultimately boost the surrounding community in Riverside.

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