Caterpillar to Build Distribution Center in Kern County, California

Caterpillar has recently announced that they will be purchasing 46 acres of land in the Tejon Ranch Center in Kern County, California.

Caterpillar is looking forward to construct a brand new distribution facility in which various equipment and engines can be given to various customers in the California region. The facility will be located near the Interstate 5 and the highway 99. The Tejon Ranch Center is also currently the home of many warehouse facilities for the companies Famous Footwear and IKEA.

The Economic Development Corporation for the region of the Kern County assisted with determining the proper site selection for the distribution center for Caterpillar. The distribution center will also assist the community in many ways as nearly 150 new jobs will be available in the brand new facility. The distribution center is also suppose to be constructed in a very fast pace as the planned operating of the building is planned for the ending months of 2012.

The vice president of the Caterpillar Company Steve Larson points out that the location of the distribution center is ideal because parts will be able to be transferred to its contractors in a very fast and efficient manner. Due to the fact that the distribution center will be located near airports and highways will allow Caterpillar a great opportunity to deliver parts to every type of customer and dealers.

The close proximity to customers and dealers will allow the Caterpillar Company to save on shipping costs and other types of costs as well. The Tejon Ranch Center has a proven record for cutting costs down for other companies that are still located in the region as well.

Overall, the site selection of the distribution center will assist the Caterpillar Company with efficiently transferring parts and cutting back on costs.

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