Economic Growth Plan For Miami Dade County, Florida Is Complete

A growth plan has been completed for the region of Miami Dade, Florida.

Many of the leaders in the county of Miami Dade completed a blue print that will create nearly 75,000 jobs in the time frame of 5 years. The leaders that created the plan are known as “The Beacon Council” and they came up with the 113 page outline.

The ultimate goal of the growth plan is to:

  1. Boost the amount of investment in Miami Dade
  2. Boost the amount of jobs that are created in the county
  3. Increase the amount of economic development
  4. Elevate the status and respectability of the Miami Dade County

The Community One Chairman whose name is Alexandra Villoch elaborates on how the goal of the plan is to decrease the unemployment rate and increase the amount of jobs that are created. Diversifying the economy is also important to the chairman in order to prevent the drastic fluctuations that occur. The next step in the process is the implementation of the growth plan. Many government, education and business leaders will get together to figure out how to implement the growth strategy. One of the most important factors will be the private and public education system.

In order to build the certain amount of jobs in specific industries, education must be the foundation according to the Co-Chair of Community One Goal. Nearly 5,000 people participated in creating the growth strategy for Miami Dade County.

The seven industries that were pinpointed for job creation included:

  1. The Hospitality industry
  2. Aviation industry
  3. Information Technology industry
  4. Finance Industry
  5. Trade Industry

The key generator for job creation will include the businesses of Port Miami and Miami International Airport. The One Community plan will be a main priority to many of the leaders.

Overall, the growth strategy will positively affect the community of Miami Dade.

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