Ford Driving Toward Sustainability

The automobile company Ford is pushing towards the continued development of cars that are energy efficient and do not leave a carbon footprint on the world.

The chairman William Ford states that the company is constantly striving for values that are sustainable when constructing every Ford car. A manager for the sustainable environmental department does not agree with the chairman’s statement as he believes a certain type of balance needs to be achieved in regards to the environment and the people. The manager Thomas Niemann believes that the approach should be more sustainable and balanced.

The Ford Company is currently striving for environmental sustainability while constructing the vast amount of cars. Ford is currently utilizing a PSI (Product Sustainability Index) system for the construction of the cars as more products that are sustainable are used.

Some of the sustainable products that are utilized include materials that are recycled and foam that is soy based. Ford is also reducing the amount of water usage with the painting and cooling process for each particular car. The amount of water usage also decreased nearly 49 percent for each individual car as well.

The Ford Company has also decreased its carbon footprint on the earth as well. Carbon emissions were initially at a tonnage of 5.4 million but it recently decreased to a tonnage of 5.3 million for the last business year. The amount of emissions for each individual car has also decreased from a tonnage of 1.09 to 1.01.

Ford has also become known for being one of the leaders in the economy of fuel efficiency. Ford currently has 3 cars that achieve a mileage of 40 miles per gallon.

The fuel efficient Ford Fusion has also received high remarks as it is a form of sustainability and is an investment which is responsible.

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