Governor of Nevada Unveil’s Economic Development Plan

The Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval has unveiled an economic development plan that will positively affect the state.

The development strategy involves boosting the business community and creating nearly 50,000 brand new jobs by the year 2014.

The economic development proposal is called “Moving Nevada Forward: A Plan for excellence in Economic Development 2012-2014”.

The proposal will involve creating economic development plans for the communities, expanding engagement globally and educating the workforce so that they are ready for the workplace. The Governor states that the economic blueprint so that a vibrant economy can rise up for all of the citizens in Nevada.

Governor Brian Sandoval pinpoints that the state of Nevada will also be competing with other states that are also creating plans for boosting the amount of jobs. Focusing on the economy has been one of the most important factors to each individual state in the U.S. The Governor elaborates on how the Government will be the most important organization in the economic development plan. The government will be the pushing force as businesses are encouraged to come to the state, infrastructure is provided and the workforce is properly educated as well.

The growth rate for the number of jobs is ultimately dependent upon the Catalyst Fund. The $10 million dollar fund will be created by the legislature and will encourage the expansion of businesses and pointing out to other businesses the benefits of relocating to the state of Nevada.

At the end of the speech at the University of Nevada, the Governor challenged all the partners to ultimately create 50,000 jobs by the year 2014. The economic development plan was also created by Steve Hill who is a Director for the Office of Economic Development.

Overall, the implementation of the economic development strategy should benefit the many citizens that live in the state of Nevada.

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