Life Floor Shifts Manufacturing to Madison, SD Facility

Life Floor, a company that is leading the way with a new type of resilient flooring, has opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Madison, SD.

Life Floor

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Supported by the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Lake Area Improvement Corporation, REED Fund and the Heartland Rural Electric Fund, the company has opened its manufacturing unit within the Falcon Plastics manufacturing facility in Madison.

Life Floor has been shipping its products from a manufacturing location in Vietnam. Their decision to open a new U.S. manufacturing facility for domestic customers will not only have an impact on South Dakota economic development, but will also enable job creation at the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

In a release announcing the opening of their South Dakota facility, Life Floor CEO Jonathan Keller said it became clear that this was the best move for them, citing the skill of South Dakota’s workers and the decreased environmental impact of no longer having to ship their product across the ocean.

Keller also mentioned the speed with which consumers can now get Life Floor. The factory in Madison is using lean manufacturing and JIT (just in time) processes to deliver their product straight from the factory floor to customers, thus reducing lead times and eliminating the need for warehouse space to store inventory.

The story behind Life Floor’s resilient flooring product is also actually quite interesting. A flip-flop maker in Vietnam came up with a new type of revolutionary foam that made their flip-flops tough and wear-resistant for years. It wasn’t a good idea to use it for footwear, but the technology made its way to theme park and pool flooring in the U.S.

Life Floor was founded in 2011, and the company’s aquatic flooring products are now being used by everyone from Disney Resorts to Six Flags and the YMCA. The tiles improve comfort and safety in pools, bathrooms, spas, patios and just about any place where people are around water.

The company picked South Dakota for its U.S. manufacturing operations because they needed a partner who could help them get started quickly and provide expertise on how to streamline the manufacturing process. That’s where Falcon Plastics comes into the picture. Falcon has three molding divisions in South Dakota, and they were interested in helping Life Floor establish manufacturing operations for their innovative resilient flooring products.

Keller added in the release that there are a lot of opportunities ahead of them right now, and expressed confidence that they’re in great shape to take advantage of these opportunities.

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