Little Rock, Arkansas Will Host Site Selectors Guild, IEDC Economic Development Conferences

Little Rock, AR will play host to two upcoming national economic development conferences. One is the Site Selectors Guild 2016 Fall Forum and the other one is the International Economic Development Council’s 2017 Future Economic Forum.

Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR (photo – cliff1066/flickr)

The Site Selectors Guild, which just wrapped up its inaugural Fall Forum in Philadelphia, announced that it will hold its 2016 Fall Forum in Little Rock in October 2016.

The SSG Fall Forum is a formal gathering of international economic developers and member SSG consultants to discuss industry trends, challenges, and related topics, as well as for general networking and a little bit of fun.

The combined membership of the Site Selectors Guild leads corporate location projects valued at more than $30 billion in annual capital expenditures and thousands of new jobs each year. Fifteen of these SSG members participated in this year’s event in Philadelphia, which included private sponsored dinners with Guild members, in addition to the presentations, break-out sessions, corporate panels and other events on the Fall Forum agenda.

Next year, Arkansas and Little Rock will have an opportunity to impress SSG members, corporate leaders and other Fall Forum attendees. Arkansas Economic Development Commission Executive Director Mike Preston said in a release that hosting the Site Selector’s Guild Forum will give them the opportunity to showcase the advantages Arkansas has to offer to companies and site consultants on a global stage.

“Arkansas is a small state with a big story to tell, and we have found that when people come to visit, they always leave impressed,” added Preston.

Little Rock and Arkansas will then have another opportunity to shine in the spotlight of the IEDC 2017 Future Economic Forum ( June 4-6, 2017).

Jim Fram, president and CEO of the Hot Springs Metro Partnership and a member of the IEDC Board of Directors, said in the release that “The 2017 IEDC Conference to be hosted in Little Rock offers the professional economic developers in Arkansas an opportunity to show off our great state to our peers from around the country.”

With more than 4,500 members throughout the world, IEDC members promote economic well-being and quality of life for their communities. The 2017 IEDC Future Economic Forum in Little Rock is expected to attract 350 to 400 leading economic development professionals.

The success of these two major events in Little Rock will not only help promote Arkansas as a business destination, but also as a location for more economic development conferences and events in future.

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