Montgomery County’s New Site for Chevy Chase Middle School

Montgomery County, Maryland is planning to establish the Chevy Chase middle school around the park of Rock Creek.

The superintendent Joshua Starr wants the site selection process to be redone because he feels that legal complications will arise by setting the middle school in the particular park in Rock Creek. Joshua Starr wants to make sure that the Chevy Chase middle school is established in a particular area where it is safe for the children and wants the school constructed by August 2017. Starr sent out a letter in which he talks about revising the site selection process and choosing the proper frame of time to construct the school.

The Rock Creek Park was originally the site of a local junior high school but recently got shut down. The park was given to the commission of Parks and Planning and they promised to assist any other project that involved establishing and building a school.

During the 90’s, money was eventually used from the federal government in order to properly construct the park. Unfortunately, the federal funded money had a particular stipulation which stated that the land cannot be utilized in the future for other various projects.

The current site selection process was also flawed according to Joshua Starr. The Superintendant points out that the site selection process eventually violated the Open Meetings Act for the state of Maryland.

A board member named Laura also points out that the decision being made by Joshua to revise the site selection is very wise so that constituents don’t feel left out of the process. Laura points out that the selection site process for the middle school should include the surrounding community, the involvement of the PTA and the funding by the federal government.

Overall, the new site of the middle school should help out the community of the Montgomery County in a positive manner.

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