Mountain View’s Sustainable Apartments Project

In the San Jose region, the city of Mountain View finally finished establishing a project of brand new apartments that will be called Franklin Street Family Apartments.

The total price for funding the apartment project will be approximately $23 million dollars. The apartment building will have nearly 51 apartments that are priced at an affordable rate for residents who are at the 50 percent mark of the median income in the area. The design of the landscape will also be environmentally friendly as there will be a lot of open space and surrounding trees. There will also be many amenities in the building which will include a fitness room, library, center for computers and even classes will be offered to the residents.

The most important aspect of the Mountain View apartments is that they will be built in an environmentally and sustainable manner. The apartments will be built specifically to conserve energy as solar panels will be constructed above the roof, the fixtures and appliances will be energy efficient and passes will be available for the nearby transit.

The construction of the family apartments will also be utilizing building material that is sustainable while a myriad of green features would be established as well. The Franklin apartments are under the strict guidelines of the LEED Gold specification which is one of the most premier and toughest establishments on building materials that are sustainable.

Vice President Jonathan Emami says the construction of the Franklin Street Family Apartments will lead the future in sustainability, premier craftsmanship and community organization. The Franklin Apartments are also being funded with a tax credit for low income housing.

The architects for the building will be the KTGY Group and the contractors for the apartment project will be the contracting group called ROEM-ICON. The sustainable construction of the apartments will lead the way for other developers as well.

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