New Charter School in Minnesota

The Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Minnesota is planning on allowing a new site construction.

The site of the Lutheran church was originally intended to be a housing development but the church respectfully rejected the offer and proposal and accepted the bid from the Madison Academy Charter School. The leaders of the community prefer the construction of a school rather than a brand new housing development around the area.

Many of the residents are worried about the traffic that the school will bring but a lot of families see the benefits of a brand new school around the region.

The construction of the Madison Academy Charter School is eventually going to need approval from the school board but there should be no complications in the process. In order for the charter school to use the church site, they will need to procure a permit from the commission of Madison.

The commission also has strict guidelines in order to determine if the Madison Academy Charter School can be placed at the site of the church. The types of negative aspects that are evaluated by the commission include the amount of traffic within the area, types of services provided to the city and the development of the particular area.

The League of Madison originally wants the school to start during the fall season next year with nearly 120 six graders. The school is eventually going to be intended for students from grades 6 to grade 12. The school wants to integrate junior high and high school together. The charter school will also make sure that the girls and boys are properly separated.

The charter school is also intended for individuals and families that have low incomes so that the children can be given the opportunity to obtain a quality education.

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