Possible Patent Office in California

The state of California is leading the race as the initial site selection of the patent office but other states are battling for the office as well.

A battle has begun for possession of a new federal patent office. Some of the states that are in the race include New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii and Colorado. The selection of the patent site will not be determined until another 3 years but many states are making persuasive arguments for establishing the office in their state.

Representative John Garamendi makes a very persuasive argument for the state of California. John states that California is a strong center for the cultivation of brand new research and ideas. California is also known for its top notch Universities and laboratories which will make the location of a patent office the perfect solution.

Many of the great inventions and creations are made from research facilities and universities and the location of a patent office in close proximity would highly benefit the state of California. The state of California also is the leading the nation with nearly 30,000 patents being established by inventors and innovators.

The exact location of the patent office in California has not been established but many of the California Representatives agree it would be suitable for it to be placed around the Silicon Valley area. There are many individuals in the state of California that are looking to acquire patents for there products such as wind turbine controllers, vegetable processors and voice analyzers.

By establishing the patent office in the state of California, the inventors will be able to go through the application process in a much more cost effective and efficient manner. Many of the inventors have to wait years before the invention is given a patent and having an office nearby will make the process much easier.

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