Public Library Site Selection for Lewes, Delaware

In the state of Delaware, the city of Lewes is planning on changing the location of its public library that has been located near Adams Avenue.

The commissioners of the city of Lewes want to move the public library away from the downtown area and into a particular area called “Five Points”. The Board of Commissioners is also considering expanding the library at its location currently.

The board has also stated that they will make an ultimate decision by March 31, 2012. The decision is ultimately going to be made on certain criteria such as the evaluation of the site, cost of construction and cost of operations.

The main reason for moving the Lewes Public Library is because of the area population that is expected in the future. It is estimated by the board that the service area is expected to be 25,000 for the year 2020.

The population area for the facility currently is set at 13,400 and the increased population is going to lead to more space being needed. A board member named Healey stated that “Quite frankly, we are almost at the tipping point for additional space”. It would not be right for the community if they had a public library that could not house enough space for individuals and families.

Many of the leaders in the city of Lewes prefer for the Public Library to stay at its current location. The mayor of Lewes named Jim Ford says that he prefers the current location of the library because it is within the limits of the city and is easily accessible to the community.

The library is currently within a good walking distance for the community and allows bicyclists easy access as well. Many of the citizens would also be extremely disappointed if the library is moved because it has been a hallmark for the city of Lewes.

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