Regional Hospital in Bamberg or Barnwell South Carolina

The state of South Carolina and the counties of Bamberg and Barnwell are looking forward to establishing a regional hospital in the area.

The Bamberg and Barnwell County are working in correlation with Equity Partners LLC to construct the regional hospital that will consist of a variety of centers for physicians and a 30 to 50 bed ratio. Currently, the regional hospital has not begun construction but the hospital in the Barnwell County will serve as the main base for hospital operations.

According to Councilman Clair Guess, many of the residents in the county of Barnwell want the location of the regional hospital located within the area but Clair suggests that the construction would not be economically feasible for the hospital itself and suggests it should be located in the Bamberg region.

Another big factor that hovers over the construction of the regional hospital is subsidies. Equity Partners LLC needs to work in accordance with the county and Bamberg County would not help with any type of subsidy to assist the project. On the other hand, Barnwell County will provide nearly $450,000 in subsidies while the regional hospital is being constructed.

Once the regional hospital has been established and completed, The Barnwell and Bamberg County will be responsible for the funding of the ambulance services. The equity partner will help the counties out by subsidizing nearly 75 percent of the costs which are related to the ambulance services.

The equity partner is also planning to receive tax abatements for a period of 20 years. The abatement will be broken down as 75 percent for the period between 6 to 10 years and 50 percent between the years 11 to 20. Also, the county of Barnwell will be given priority to possess ownership of the new hospital and the current Barnwell Community Hospital.

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