Site Consultant Survey – Best States for Doing Business

Area Development magazine has published its fourth annual list of “Top States for Doing Business” that is based on survey responses provided by site selection consultants. Texas topped the charts, with Georgia and South Carolina tied in second place.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said they had worked hard to make Texas the best state in the nation for doing business and raising a family, and would continue to strengthen the economic pillars that have helped the state become a national example of economic strength and job creation.

States were ranked by the magazine on the basis of number of mentions for 17 factors across the following categories – business environment, labor climate, and infrastructure and global access.

Here are the top 10 states for doing business:-

Texas Best State for Doing Business

Texas Best State for Doing Business (Photo –

1. Texas

2. Georgia

2.  South Carolina

4. Alabama

5. North Carolina

6. Louisiana

7. Tennessee

8. Mississippi

9. California

In the business environment category, Texas again topped the charts, followed by South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

Under the labor climate category, Texas and South Carolina were again at the top of the list, with Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina tied for third place. California took the fourth ranking in this category, with Kentucky rounding out the top five.

Individual factors under the labor climate category include availability of skilled labor; competitive labor costs; leading workforce development programs; most diverse labor pool; right-to-work environment; and non-right-to-work environment.

California was ranked second as having the most diverse labor pool, and tied in third place with Michigan for availability of skilled labor.

The infrastructure and global access category was topped by Tennessee, with Georgia and Texas tied in second place. Individual factors for which states were ranked under this category include rail & highway accessibility; certified sites/shovel-ready program; competitive utility rates; and distribution & logistics access.

South Carolina got the most mentions for certified sites and shovel-ready programs, followed by Georgia and Tennessee in second and third place. Texas and North Carolina were tied in fourth place, while Alabama was ranked fifth.

Alabama was mentioned as a top-five state for 15 specific factors, which together pushed the state to an overall fourth place ranking among the best states for doing business.

Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield said these rankings had real meaning because they were driven by site consultants who are doing business across the nation.

You can see the detailed results for each category on

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