Strongsville, Ohio Adds Approximately 600 Jobs The Past Year

The region of Strongsville, Ohio has added approximately 600 jobs for the past year.

The Economic Director of Strongsville states that approximately 2,000 jobs have been created throughout the recession. Director Painter pinpoints that the region of Strongsville continues to expand as more businesses are thriving. The job numbers only include what was created in the business parks.

Retail operation numbers are not included in the job report. Painter also elaborated on how 500,000 square feet of space is being used for manufacturing and high tech operations. Sustainable wages are ultimately provided to many struggling families in the area of Strongsville.

The job numbers are also a little bit inflated as Vitamix Corporation added a second manufacturing facility which hired approximately 300 workers. 175,000 square feet of space is also be utilized by Vitamix. Adding 300 jobs is outstanding in the current struggling economy according to Painter.

Some of the important projects which were highlighted include:

  1. Cleveland’s HVAC wholesaler Wadsworth Northeast taking control of the Unlimited Building
  2. Metal fabrication company called Republic Anode relocating to the Terrell Manufacturing Building
  3. Bearings Manufacturing Company renovating nearly 30,000 square feet of a metals building

Painter states that his main job duties include keeping businesses in Strongsville while also attracting brand new businesses to the region. Painter spoke to a room of employees and executives where he described a Business Retention and Expansion Survey. The survey displayed that nearly 97 percent of the businesses rated Strongsville as an ideal location for conducting business. Painter addressed the entire room as he states “I can’t begin to tell you how much of a selling point you all are”. The room was mostly filled with employees and local business owners.

Overall, the creation of jobs is important in an economy that is currently struggling. More states and regions need to continue creating jobs.

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