Sustainable Community in Laurel, Maryland

The city of Laurel which is located in Maryland has recently received a designation for a sustainable community from the Department of Development and Housing.

The designation that was given to the city of Laurel will allow the county to adopt a strategy that will assist the city with economic development plans but while also maintaining sustainable development as well. The DHCD secretary also points out that the sustainable communities will be revitalized through various types of strategies and plans implemented.

The revitalization plan focuses on the development of the transit system, remodeling and constructing brand new buildings for businesses and making sure that housing is affordable for the local community.

Other officials in various other communities such as Cumberland, Aberdeen and Hyattsville applied for the designation but the city of Laurel had a better and much comprehensive type of proposal. The application for Laurel is quite impressive as they planned to make various types of transportation available for different employment corridors within the area.

The city of Laurel also proposed the installing of various types of green technology to help preserve energy for every single development.

The city of Laurel also proposed that the various types of vacant properties should be converted to mixed projects and brand new housing complexes for the community. Finally, Laurel wanted to establish a district for entertainment in the corridor of Main Street.

During the sustainable development of the Laurel community, many types of funding will be available for the state programs and other projects that are initiated. Many of the small businesses around the region of Laurel will also have the opportunity to procure various types of business loans. Incentives will also be provided to businesses that qualify.

Overall, the sustainable reconstruction of the Laurel community will help benefit its residents and the surrounding area.

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