Transit System Site Selection in Salt Lake City, Utah

The City of Salt Lake City, Utah has announced a development plan which will implement a transit system for the community.

A conference was held where the executive director named Andrew Gruber proposed an efficient transit solution that will be placed in the middle of the capital of Utah. Andrew proposed that the transit system will lead to an increase in quality of life and a growth in population of 65%. Andrew also pointed out that without a transit system, vehicle miles would double and costs would increase for the community. Overall, there are many benefits that encompass the transit system plan.

The first benefit of the transit system is communities where individuals and families can walk. All of the current and new homes will have the opportunity to bring themselves and families to local events. Convenient access will also be provided for business people who found work around the surrounding area and will allow easy access to local shopping stores.

The second benefit is a predicted growth in the community by nearly 40%. Communities will be expanded and the district for businesses will also increase. Commutes will be expected to decrease, air quality will increase and infrastructure will be utilized in an efficient manner.

The third benefit of the system is that commuters will have affordable options. The Executive Director named Andrew predicted that transit will increase by 45 percent and affordable options are going to be needed for the community.

The last benefit of the transit system is that there will be land that is more open and accessible. The increase in open land will lead to more space for families and children to gather as well as an increase in farmer markets, the quality of water increasing and a habitat for the wildlife that will not get displaced.

The implementation and site selection for the transit system in Salt Lake City will benefit the community immensely.

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