UC Riverside and Brand New Ion Battery

Winston ChungThe CEO of Winston Global Energy, Winston Chung, has donated nearly 10 million dollars to the University of California, Riverside and provided a brand new ion battery.

UC Riverside is going to display the projects that were constructed utilizing the money. The University was able to create an electric vehicle that runs solely on battery and has the exterior of a London cab. Also, the University utilized nearly $2.5 million dollars of batteries that will provide power to one of the buildings in the region.

The certain type of ion battery that was donated by Winston Chung is said to help with the reduction of an electricity bill for a big building by nearly $22,000 dollars for each individual year.

Winston Chung also has six other projects in which he is funding for the college of engineering in UC Riverside. The majority of the projects will focus on energy and the development of the ion battery. The results of the projects should be substantial as advancements in batteries for laptops, cell phones and hybrid vehicles should be achieved. The funding is also renewable and should be set at a value of 1.8 million dollars after a period of two years.

The son of Winston Chung will also be present to represent the company when the brand new vehicles and batteries are unveiled at UC Riverside. A ceremony will also be held in which a building is going to be named after Winston Chung. The ion battery will actually power the brand new building which is named after its inventor.

A type of solar farm will also be installed near the Winston Chung building so that power can be generated for the University and the batteries for the brand new building itself.

Overall, the sustainable mindset of UC Riverside should be a shining example for the surrounding region.

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