University Of South Dakota to Offer New Sustainability Major

The University of South Dakota will be offering a brand new major that will be called sustainability.

The new sustainability major will be listed under the Arts and Sciences category for the University. The major of sustainability will prepare students so that they can develop a future in which the focus will be on renewable energy and the preservation of resources as well. The major will officially be offered at the University of South Dakota starting in the fall of the year 2012. The program for students that enroll in the sustainability major will focus on the ultimate development of the work force in South Dakota in particular industries such as hydroelectric power, wind energy and geothermal types of technology.

The dean of the Arts and Sciences at the University points out that there is a high demand for individuals who are experts in the field of sustainability. The future is bright for the state of South Dakota as new graduates become proficient in sustainable practices according to the dean. The office of Economic Development have identified that energy which is renewable will be the core of the sustainability program offered at the University of South Dakota.

Many of the students who focus on the sustainability major will have opportunities for potential careers in the government and the private sector of business. Some of the sectors that graduates can join include renewable energy, the practices of sustainability, the planning of the community and organizations that focus on the education of people in regards to sustainable practices. The major of sustainability will require students to complete a total of approximately 36 credits with 18 in the core of the major and the other 18 in electives.

Overall, the University of South Dakota is making a major step in educating the future leaders in the sector of sustainability.

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