Wisconsin PSC Approves Riverside Energy Center Power Project in Beloit, WI

Alliant Energy’s Riverside Energy Center expansion, which will be one of the largest Wisconsin economic development projects in recent history, has received verbal approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to go ahead with the project.

Alliant Riverside Energy Center

Alliant Riverside Energy Center (photo – alliantenergy.com)

The project is a new $700 million, 700-megawatt combined cycle natural gas-fueled facility capable of serving more than 535,000 homes.

Alliant expects to create more than 1,000 construction jobs annually for three years while the project is under construction, and the project will also support local suppliers and businesses throughout the state and region. An additional 50 permanent direct and indirect positions will be created afterwards when the project is operational.

The project is expected to generate more than $250 million in total economic benefits. The Town of Beloit and Rock County will receive $3 million annually in utility shared revenue payments. The $700 million investment excludes transmission and AFUDC.

Not to mention the fact that the Riverside expansion will help ensure reliable service and stable energy rates in Alliant’s service territory and across the state. When it is completed in 2019, the new Riverside Energy Center will be the most advanced power facility in the state.

This new and efficient power plant, to be built near Alliant Energy’s existing 675-megawatt, natural gas-fired generating station, will replace approximately 640 megawatts of older, less-efficient Wisconsin coal and gas units which are scheduled to be retired by or before 2020.

Patricia Kampling, Alliant Energy Chairman, President and CEO, said in a statement that “This highly efficient generating station will modernize our generating operations and further our transition to cleaner energy sources.”

Alliant chose the Riverside site for this project as the lowest-cost solution based on a two-year site selection process in which they evaluated 26 possible locations and 32 alternate proposals.

The site in question is owned by Alliant Energy, and is located in the Town of Beloit, just north of the City of Beloit, in Rock County. Alliant has multiple facilities at this location, including the original Riverside Energy Center electrical power station, a maintenance facility, and the Rock River Generating Station, which is a natural gas-fired power plant.

Madison, WI-based Alliant Energy Corporation (NYSE:LNT) has had a presence in the region for more than 50 years, and has provided utility service to Rock County for nearly 90 years. Alliant’s utility subsidiary Wisconsin Power and Light Company provides electric service to 463,000 customers and natural gas service to 185,000 customers across central and southern Wisconsin.

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