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News & Articles - Economic Development

Economic Development Articles

  • New York’s Bid for Applied Sciences Based Economic Development

     Economic development planners in New York, NY seem to have stumbled onto just the right solution to kick-start the Big Apple economy – a huge public-private project that creates massive infrastructure and jobs and makes NYC more competitive globally.

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  • Back to Work, By Bill Clinton

     On Nov 8, 2011, former President Bill Clinton’s new book about putting America “Back to Work” hit the stands. The book, titled “Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy” reflects on the economic crisis, specific policy recommendations for creating jobs, and a strong defense of government spending for economic development.

    Posted By: Posted:11/09/2011 :: Read More
  • Economic Boom in Boston Seaport and Kendall Square

    While the economy seems extremely pessimistic and gloomy, the region of the Boston Seaport and the Kendall Square in Cambridge is thriving as various investments are pouring in to fund various projects within the region.

    Posted By: Posted:11/08/2011 :: Read More
  • Fort Myers Economic Development Award

     The partnership for Fort Myers has recently received an award in the sector of economic development.

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  • STEM Education And Link To Economic Development

    The city of Winston Salem in North Carolina has recently announced advancements in regards to economic development.

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  • Motown Drives U.S. Economic Recovery

     Rub your eyes in disbelief if you must, but the BEES say that Detroit, MI is at the forefront of the economic recovery. BEES is the Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States Index, and its inaugural listing was launched at the State and Municipal Finance Conference in New York City last week. 

    Posted By: Posted:11/06/2011 :: Read More
  • Maryland's 4 Economic Development Programs

     The economic development agency in the state of Maryland has proposed 4 programs that will help boost the business sector in the region.

    Posted By: Posted:11/05/2011 :: Read More
  • Finger Lakes Economic Development Programs

    The region of Finger Lakes in the state of New York has economic development projects that are funded by a majority of private funds.

    Posted By: Posted:11/05/2011 :: Read More
  • Congress Drags Its Feet on National Infrastructure Bank

     If there’s anything more dismaying than the state of the nation’s transportation infrastructure, it has to be the Congressional disregard for said infrastructure and their use of it as a political football.

    Posted By: Posted:11/05/2011 :: Read More
  • Highest rated Economic Index- North Dakota

     Recently, the governor of North Dakota announced that the state is rated as the number one state for economic growth in the nation.

    Posted By: Posted:11/04/2011 :: Read More

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